East Branch of the Delaware River in Margaretville, N.Y., just upstream of Pepacton Reservoir. At long last, I fished my very own tenkara outfit — 12-foot collapsible rod, 13-foot braided line fixed to the tip. The day was great but the fishing was slow. I caught two average trout, the kind I would have been happy to catch on my 5-weight, and hooked a smallmouth that went at least two pounds. The limber rod handled the bass just fine. The fish broke the tippet only because I gave up too soon and tried to grab the line. Had I been patient enough to lead the bass to my net, I am certain I would have landed it — on 6X tippet.

In the tenkara spirit, I shed my vest. With no D-ring on my shirt, I hung my net from my wading belt. My net is the kind with a strip of fine, white mesh that acts as a seine you can use to see what critters are in the water. When I landed my second trout, there was an olive shrimp in the net, very similar to the Green Rockworm Czech nymph I was fishing. Interesting.

tenkara butttenkara netjoan wulffNo camera with us on this trip, so the photos here are from last spring — fishing a wild-trout stream in the lower Hudson Valley, and Joan Wulff — former distance casting champion Joan Wulff — trying out a tenkara on the Willowemoc Creek in front of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.

Here’s a video of my friend Chris Stewart hooking up, and here’s one of Joan with the tenkara rod. You can see her pretend to double haul.

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  1. Really great looking site. I like the pictures and video links!

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