Connecticut Comes to its Senses

On the very same day I made up my mind that I would not pay $80 — double the 2009 fee — for an out-of-state Connecticut fishing license, the Connecticut Legislature voted to repeal the reviled 100 percent increase. A non-resident season fishing license will now be $55, a more reasonable 35 percent increase over last year, and I may go for it after all.

The fee for a resident fishing license was reduced from $40 to $28.

The Legislature’s action was no comfort, however, to a buddy of mine from upstate New York who crosses the state line to fish the Housatonic every chance he gets. He already paid the 80 bucks — and the rollback is not retroactive.

I’m starting to love the Housy too. But I already have a license that covers the Delaware, the Beaverkill, the Esopus, the West Canada, the Ausable and other big rivers (a license, by the way, that costs nonresidents of New York $70, up from $40 last year.) Shelling out for a license for the state next door is getting harder and harder to justify.

One response to “Connecticut Comes to its Senses

  1. Glad they bent down the barb, but it still hurts a bit.

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