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Tenkara on the Delaware

I fished the longest TenkaraUSA model, the 13-foot 6-inch Amago, at Hale Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware July 4. Tenkara gear isn’t really designed for wide rivers, but I still caught lots of fish, mostly on dry flies. (The fish liked Catskill-style sulfur dries with the bottom half of the hackle cut off.) I lost my three best fish — one break-off, two shake-offs.

Below is a brown I did manage to land.

I didn’t check temps on the west, but USGS showed a low of 46 and high of 66. On the way home, I got 60 on the Neversink at Hasbrouck at 7 p.m. At noon on Monday 5  July, the East Branch of the Croton was 66 at Borden bridge. The West Branch Croton was 56 at Route 6.