Tenkara on the Delaware

I fished the longest TenkaraUSA model, the 13-foot 6-inch Amago, at Hale Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware July 4. Tenkara gear isn’t really designed for wide rivers, but I still caught lots of fish, mostly on dry flies. (The fish liked Catskill-style sulfur dries with the bottom half of the hackle cut off.) I lost my three best fish — one break-off, two shake-offs.

Below is a brown I did manage to land.

I didn’t check temps on the west, but USGS showed a low of 46 and high of 66. On the way home, I got 60 on the Neversink at Hasbrouck at 7 p.m. At noon on Monday 5  July, the East Branch of the Croton was 66 at Borden bridge. The West Branch Croton was 56 at Route 6.

3 responses to “Tenkara on the Delaware

  1. Thank you for that. I’ve been wondering about how tenkara would work out on the Delaware for some time. Other than not being able to make 50 foot casts and the occassional break-off no reason why it shouldn’t. I think you picked the perfect rod for the test, too.

    • Tenkara’s advantages and limitations were plain. I caught more fish than others fishing nearby, but the inability to give line cost me a couple of nice ones. Tenkara fishing is always fun and this was no exception, but I’ll probably stick with rod & reel on the Delaware in the future and use the tenkara rods where they’re best, small streams and pocket water.

  2. It’s nice to hear how tenkara’s limits are being pushed. Even though you didn’t land the big one’s, at least you hooked them.

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