Robbing a Museum for Fly-Tying Feathers?

A strange story is unfolding in England. Edwin Rist, a 22-year-old New Yorker and acclaimed full-dress salmon fly tyer, has been accused by police of breaking into the Natural History Museum in Tring and stealing 299 “brightly colored” bird skins in June 2009.
Edwin and his younger brother, Anton, are widely admired in the world of fancy-fly tyers for their stunning flies. Edwin is in London as a student at the Royal Academy of Music.
Here’s the news release from the Hertfordshire Constabulary:

DETECTIVES investigating the theft of 299 rare bird skins from the Natural History Museum in Tring have charged a man in connection with the incident.

On June 24 last year (2009) it is alleged there was a break-in at the museum, which is on Akeman Street in Tring. It was subsequently discovered that 299 brightly-coloured bird skins were missing, believed stolen, from a collections’ area.

Edwin Rist, aged 22, from the USA, has been charged with burglary and money laundering offences. He is due to appear at Hemel Hempstead Magistrates court on November 26.

Police have recovered the majority of the bird skins.

One response to “Robbing a Museum for Fly-Tying Feathers?

  1. While I don’t support or condone this in any way…I can’t help but envision a fly tying themed movie version of this heist that’d make Ocean’s Eleven proud.

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