Not Ashamed to Pay For It

The Connetquot River State Park on Long Island is a pretty well-known pay-to-fish venue, but there’s another one up on the north shore. Caleb Smith State Park is home to the nicest part of the Nissequogue River (nicest part for trout, anyway — I’ve caught a lot of stripers and blues a few miles downstream at its mouth). It’s a calm, shallow, pretty spring creek with a uniform bed of fine gravel and lots of bright green aquatic grasses.  The fishing usually ends Oct. 15, but the Parks Department extended the 2011 season because Hurricane Irene had kept everyone off the river for a couple of weeks.

Nothing hatching except for a few midges. Trout rose a few times early in the morning, but nymphs and wet flies were the order of the day. I used my Tenkara USA Ebisu rod and my own version of the awesome Killer Kebari soft-hackle.

Lost several, landed a couple, nice morning all in all. Tough to land a fish in the tight confines, but out on open water, the Ebisu handled good-sized and frisky trout just fine. I did find myself wishing I’d used the longer and heavier Amago instead, with heavier tippet.

One response to “Not Ashamed to Pay For It

  1. Nice job Morgan! How long did they extend the season? I’ve been to White’s Pool a few times without any luck even though the stocked browns are there. Maybe I should try my luck at Caleb Smith.

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