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An Awesome Montauk Surfcasting Video Needs Our Support

If you’re a fly-fisher on Long Island, chances are you’ve found yourself in the fishing department of Camp-Site Sport Shop in Huntington Station, N.Y., which has a great selection of fly-fishing and fly-tying stuff.
The manager of the Camp-Site fishing department, Richard Siberry, is a very knowledgeable angler — but he’s also a brilliant photographer and, now, video producer. His nearly finished documentary, “Montauk Rocks,” captures the fun of hardcore surfcasting — and the spirit of the characters who are devoted to the game — better than anything I’ve seen.
We all have a chance to help get this doc finished and onto the screen, by contributing to it through Kickstarter — a “crowd-funding” service that helps creative types with grassroots fundraising. I chipped in a few bucks and I hope you will, too. Check out the trailer.
No, this isn’t strictly speaking a fly-fishing video, although there is fly-fishing in it. But I have to believe anybody who likes any kind of fishing — or anyone who enjoys first-class outdoor recreation journalism — will love “Montauk Rocks.” Seriously. Check out the trailer.

Montauk Rocks Kickstarter page & trailer