First Trout on the New Soyokaze Rod

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new category of tenkara rod available — one that’s not even really intended for trout fishing, but that turns out to be great for fishing small streams for small wild trout.

The model I used is the Soyokaze by Daiwa, a brand well-known in the U.S. for spinning and casting rods and reels but which doesn’t (yet) sell any of its telescoping, fixed-line rods here. Daiwa’s higher-end tenkara rods are the sweetest tenkara rods I’ve ever cast, and they can be bought (as can the Soyokaze) at

There’s debate about whether rods like the Soyokaze can properly be called tenkara rods at all, since they don’t have cork handles — just a slightly fatter blank at the butt end, with a non-slip coating — and they are shorter than tenkara rods: six to 10 feet instead of 12 to 15. I gather these smaller ones are known as tanago rods and are used for anything from panfish down to minnows.

The Soyokaze model I used is an unbelievably light 9-footer that’s just right for dropping a Usual in pockets the size of a dining room table on a small, shady, rocky stream full of fallen tree trunks, where all the trout are wild. I know there are a couple spots on this stream where it’s possible to catch larger trout. I didn’t use the Soyokaze for them; I broke out the Tenkara USA Ebisu, my all-arounder, instead. (They weren’t biting anyway.)


Little six- to eight-inchers are the norm here.


The forecast was 93 in NYC. Considerably cooler here. I waded wet, just quick-dry pants & wading shoes.

ImageWon’t be fishing the pool below the falls anytime soon — it’s full of oak tree. We’ve had some hellacious thunderstorms around here this summer.

2 responses to “First Trout on the New Soyokaze Rod

  1. You say: “and they are shorter than tenkara rods: six to nine feet instead of 12 to 15″ when you characterize the Soyokaze rods. Actually, sells a 10’2” Soyokaze. It is one of my two or three favorite rods, and the 9′ Soyokaze is right there @ #3 position.

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