Long Time No See!

Hello again. The Fly Line returns after an extended absence. During the past 20 months, I managed the fly-fishing page at About.com, a fun job but one that took up most of my time. The Fly Line went on hiatus. I’m no longer with About.com, and I’m happy to return to The Fly Line, chronicling the news of the world of fly-fishing.

What happened while I was away? Well, for one thing, I wrote a book. It’s called “Simple Flies” and it’s both a fly-tying manual geared toward beginners and an essay on how and why ultra-simple flies — some made as little as one material, plus hook and thread — can be really effective. It turns out this has been a topic of discussion in the fly-fishing world for at least 150 years. I’ll post more about the book, but it’s available now in paperback, Nook and Kindle versions.

Also while The Fly Line was away, American anglers became a force in the world of competitive fly-fishing. This weekend, the U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team won its third straight team gold medal at the World Fly Fishing Championships, held this year in Vail, Colorado. In June, the adult team, Fly Fishing Team USA, won its first medal — silver — at the World Championships in Bosnia-Herzegovina. European countries have long dominated the international competition circuit, but the U.S. has now established itself as a major player. Next year’s world championship will also be held in Vail, and no one will be surprised if the adult team takes the gold, too. More on the youth team’s win soon.

striper boat

Photo courtesy of Capt. Joe Blados

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2 responses to “Long Time No See!

  1. Simple Flies is a game changer. It’s also a fun and interesting read. Perfect book for the beginning fly tier like me who prefers spare, minimal fly design with no unnecessary add-ons or appendages. Tying soft hackles now.

    Do you make presentations? If so, I would like to suugest you as a guest speaker at our local TU chapter in the Upper Connecticut River Valley (near Dartmouth College).

  2. James, thanks for your post and I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I do give talks and I’d love to visit the Upper Connecticut River TU chapter.

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