Time to Tie One On

I’m looking forward to joining Bob Clouser, Tom Rosenbauer and a big group of awesome fly-tiers Saturday at at Tie One On Fly Tying Rendezvous at the Genesee Grande Hotel in Syracuse, New York.

We’re coming to the end of the fly-fishing show season, but I imagine people are psyched for Tie One On. For one thing, it’s a benefit that supports a number of great causes, including Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Casting for Recovery, Hope on the Rise, the Carpenter’s Brook Fish Hatchery, and the conservation work done by the Iroquois Chapter of Trout Unlimited, host of the event.

It’s also all the things we love about a fly-tying expo: a chance to gather with like-minded sportsmen and women, a trout fishing gabfest in a region with a ton of great fishing, and best of all the chance to watch and talk with expert fly-tiers.

Clouser obviously needs no introduction. No one else I can think of has invented a fly so important that most of the fly-fishing world calls it by just one word. Rosenbauer of course is one of the top fly-fishing authors of his time, in addition to being a top executive at Orvis.

This is Tie One On’s fifth year, and it’s growing. About 30 people attended the first one in 2012; last year, there were more than 300.

I’ll be there, trying not to embarrass myself at the vise and signing (and selling) my book, Simple Flies: 52 Easy-to-Tie Patterns That Catch Fish.

Admission is only $10 and $ for active TU members, and I hear the Genesee Grande is a pretty swanky place. Sounds like a good time.

Tie One On

We love this kind of stuff.

Cohen Tie One On

Stacked deer hair maestro Pat Cohen will be on hand…

Brandt Tie One On

…and so will Catskill dry-fly master Dave Brandt. All photos courtesy of Jim Froio of the Iroquois chapter.

One response to “Time to Tie One On

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m tempted, but Syracuse is a 6 hour drive from this corner of Vermont -;). At the moment, Simple Flies is my bible — I go there to learn and get inspired. My appreciation and knowledge of Jack Gartside, James Leisenring, soft hackle spiders, flymphs, and wingless wets has grown along with a small arsenal of handsome new flies, hen capes, saddle hackle and a even a hand-picked partridge skin. Can’t wait to immerse these soft hackle streamers, muddlers, Flymphs and nymphs into nearby waters at ice out.

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