When In Rome (N.Y.), the Palmered Caddis

I’ve never seen this fly used or mentioned by anyone who wasn’t from central New York State. It’s meant to be a fluttering-style caddis dry fly, with a beefy peacock herl body, brown and grizzly hackles palmered in neat, open spirals and no wing at all. People have been catching big browns on West Canada Creek, the Black River and other rivers near Utica, N.Y. on this fly since the 1960s.

Del Mazza, the Catskill dry-fly expert from Utica, credits one Dick Malarzzo of Rome, N.Y. with inventing the pattern. John Bianco of nearby Westmoreland, another local expert, hears it may actually have been someone other than Malarzzo. Everyone agrees the fly originated in Rome, N.Y. in the mid-20th century. And everyone agrees it’s a great dancing dry when caddis are about and a good attractor pattern just about anytime.palmered caddis

5 responses to “When In Rome (N.Y.), the Palmered Caddis

  1. What hook range would this fly be tied in?

  2. Thanks for the info Morgan!

  3. Well, living near Rome, I guess I’ll have to add this pattern to my fly box. Out of principle alone if nothing else.

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